Italian Ceramic Oval Platter - Limone Arancia 20"

Italian Ceramic Oval Platter - Limone Arancia 20"

Code: LEO-OVP-50



Product Description

This colorful Italian ceramic oval platter makes a big splash on a table or buffet. Fill it with mounds of pasta or meat; it's perfect for roast turkey.

The design with the classic Italian lemon motif on rich orange is Poggi Bonsi's signature pattern because the colors are our own. This piece makes a great shower or Italian wedding gift. Hand made by small family ceramic studio in Montelupo, Italy. 

Size: 20" long, 15" wide 

This piece of Italian ceramic pottery is created for us by a small family-run studio in Montelupo. It makes an heirloom wedding gift and will look lovely on any table. Platters also make unique pieces of art hanging on a wall or sitting on a buffet. 

Because each piece of Poggi Bonsi Italian Ceramic Majolica is made one-at-a-time by hand, there may be slight variations in color and size, or differences in interpretation within the pattern. Italian ceramics are hand painted so freehand art and evidence of the artist's handling of the piece are expected. These are not imperfections, but rather part of the artisan charm of hand-crafted Italian Ceramics.