Italian Olive Wood Spatula with Easy-Stir Slots

Italian Olive Wood Spatula with Easy-Stir Slots

Code: WD-SP-2



Product Description

This beautiful Italian olive wood spatula is very durable and functional. Great for cooking, use this olive wood spatula for stirring pasta sauces and soups. The slots allow soups and sauces to circulate, the squared-off bottom is designed for scraping the bottom of the sauce pot. This will not harm non-stick cookware. All of our Italian olive wood products are hand crafted so shapes and sizes may vary slightly.

Size: 12" long

We import our olive wood from the Mediterranean region. The striking contrast in the grain of wood from the olive tree is uniquely beautiful. Extremely durable--olive wood makes it an ideal medium for kitchen utensils, cheese boards and bowls. Simply wash with soap and water, oil occasionally with extra-virgin olive oil (E.V.O.O.) or mineral oil and it will last for years.