Italian Ceramic "Surprise" Utensil Jar - 9.5" Amphora with Olives

Italian Ceramic "Surprise" Utensil Jar - 9.5" Amphora with Olives

Code: OLS-UT-2



Product Description

This hand-thrown and painted Italian ceramic utensil jar is as functional as it is beautiful. The elegant shape of this jar will add Italian style to your kitchen and hold your favorite utensils within easy reach. The crisp white glaze with the purple olives and black background will look great on any kitchen counter! Italian pottery utensil crocks also make great wedding or holiday gifts.

The "Surprise" design represents the peeling away of the modern design to reveal a window to the historic techniques and patterns of Deruta, Italy. The scrolled window is hand crafted and adds an elegant embellishment to this unique utensil jar.

Size: 9.5" tall, 4.5" diameter at the top

Because each piece of Poggi Bonsi Italian Ceramic Majolica is made one-at-a-time by hand, there may be slight variations in color and size, or differences in interpretation within the pattern. Italian ceramics are hand painted so freehand art and evidence of the artist's handling of the piece are expected. These are not imperfections, but rather part of the artisan charm of hand-crafted Italian Ceramics.