Spicy Tuscan Sauce with Sangiovese by Radici

Spicy Tuscan Sauce with Sangiovese by Radici

Code: KFD-8171



Product Description

A Sumptuous blend of Tuscan tomatoes, onions, celery, spices, extra virgin olive oil, red wine, salt and pepper slow-cooked to create a full-bodied vegetarian pasta sauce. One jar is at least four servings. Restaurant quality right out of the jar! Imported from Italy by Ritrovo Italian Regional Foods.

Size: 12.2 oz. jar.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, onions, red wine, extra virgin olive oil, celery, salt, spices.

In the beautiful Tuscan hamlet of Loro Ciuffenna, Sandra Masi, Viviano Venturi, and their small, skilled crew produce an amazing variety of organic products. Their focus is on regional, traditionally-inspired dishes created from local recipes and containing heirloom cultivars. All Radici products are known for pure, focused flavors that elevate any home-cooked meal to restaurant quality.