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Travel Stories

Our Quest for Olive Wood

We have logged many miles on the winding roads of central Italy in our search for the perfect products for our web site We often get tips from other suppliers or people we meet in restaurants or shops. Sometimes these tips lead to something wonderful and other times they lead to a dead end. It took us two years and a few dead ends to find an olive wood supplier.

Travel Stories


One of the many perks of our job as importers is the opportunity to meet people from other countries and cultures. Every time we’re in Italy we must go through the region of Umbria to the all-important ceramic town of Deruta, near Perugia–the sister city of Seattle, and each time the story reads differently.

Travel Stories

A Walking Vacation

We were on our first visit to Montefalco to meet with a new Italian linen supplier–Montefalco, Italy is a majestic Umbrian hill town often referred to as the “la ringhiera dell’Umbria” which is translated to mean “the balcony of Umbria”. The town has a rich history in weaving Jacquard linens which we were anxious to add to our European Linen Collection.