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Dirty Food Class Menu

March 8 or 9, 2016 6-8pm This class features the best “worst” food you’ll ever eat; devilishly delicious junk food that will satisfy even your naughtiest cravings. We’re featuring salts from Poggi Bonsi’s new Salt Bar in every dish. Students each get a copy of Dirty Food by Carol Hilker to take home. — Dirty — Raspberry Habanero Pepper …


Carnavale in Seattle!

On March 8th is Carnevale, one of the biggest parties of the year in the Catholic world! More commonly known as Mardi Gras in America, this event has great cultural importance for Catholics and those who live in Catholic countries, and the Venice Carnival is famed for the antics of those who participate, the costumes and masks, and the parties. The Italian Club of the University of Washington is hosting an event to promote Carnevale and prepare for the main event (and also celebrate!)

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Puget Sound Concert Opera Presents Norma

Don’t miss Puget Sound Concert Opera’s upcoming production of Bellini’s opera, Norma. Often called the most bel canto of great Italian operas, the show has some of the most beautiful music of all opera, including Norma’s celebrated aria “Casta Diva.” Karen Early Evens is Norma, Regina Thomas is Adalgisa and Deac Guidi is Orovesi. The show …

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Poggi Bonsi Featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal

To hear the stories, you would think Keli DeRitis and Michelle Codd were running a travel company, not a Burien gift store with a quirky name.

The business partners and longtime friends are owners of Poggi Bonsi and they know your first question is: What the heck does that mean? The store, pronounced “poe-jee bone-see” is named for an Italian town in Tuscany, and the origin of the name is one of many stories the owners have about their travels through Italy looking for unusual products.

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Poggi Bonsi serves up more Mediterranean style

Traveling around Europe in a cute little car sounds like a lot of fun, but for American entrepreneurs Keli DeRitis and Michelle Codd, every minute on the winding back roads of Italy and France is spent searching for artisan-crafted products to satisfy the savvy customers who visit The U.S. dollar is keeping their customers at home at the computer, and business is good for this company that brings Europe to America’s door.