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A Thanksgiving Table in Italy

by Candace Sheehan
As appeared in the Seattle Times, November 16, 2008

When my husband and I returned from living in Italy for the past year, we knew we had an experience of a lifetime. We studied Italian for a year, we read everything we could get our hands on about Italian culture, what documents we would need to have, and prepared for whatever a new life there would bring and what we could give back to Italy as expats living there.

We lived in the small hilltown of Montefalco, which in located in the Umbria region of Italy, known as the Green Heart of Italy. It seemed perfect for two people from the Pacific Northwest, and we have fallen in love with this area of Italy for a long time.

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A Walking Vacation

We were on our first visit to Montefalco to meet with a new Italian linen supplier–Montefalco, Italy is a majestic Umbrian hill town often referred to as the “la ringhiera dell’Umbria” which is translated to mean “the balcony of Umbria”. The town has a rich history in weaving Jacquard linens which we were anxious to add to our European Linen Collection.