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Chateauneuf du Pape Wine Tasting

On our buying trips to Europe for we are very privileged to take time to experience the local flavor. Last year, while exploring French pottery studios in Provence, we stayed one memorable night in Chateauneuf du Pape. We were envisioning that our gourmet group at home was green with envy especially our two delightful wine …

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Dinner with “The Jacket”

Our friend and loyal customer Shawn (a.k.a. “Princpessa”) enjoys writing about daily events, family adventures, vacations and travel, her three well-behaved children and her favorite subject, her husband. She lived in France with her family for a year in 2001-2002 and her misadventures of speaking the language and day-to-day living in a foreign country are legendary. All of her stories are true with no embellishments, additives or preservatives. It is Shawn’s hope, after reading her stories, that you realize you don’t suffer the misfortunes of your spouse’s or children’s bad behavior on your own.

We would like to share one of Shawn’s adventures with you…

Travel Stories

Hotel Le Collier, Antibe

On our recent buying trip to France we were exploring the area around Vallauris. We searched for a suitable hotel in Vallauris and Mougin, but they were all either closed for the season, or too expensive. As darkness fell, time was running out, we were cold and wet from the rain earlier in the day and needed a home for the night. We ended up in Antibe at the Hotel Le Collier…

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Poggi Bonsi serves up more Mediterranean style

Traveling around Europe in a cute little car sounds like a lot of fun, but for American entrepreneurs Keli DeRitis and Michelle Codd, every minute on the winding back roads of Italy and France is spent searching for artisan-crafted products to satisfy the savvy customers who visit The U.S. dollar is keeping their customers at home at the computer, and business is good for this company that brings Europe to America’s door.