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Dirty Food Class Menu

March 8 or 9, 2016 6-8pm This class features the best “worst” food you’ll ever eat; devilishly delicious junk food that will satisfy even your naughtiest cravings. We’re featuring salts from Poggi Bonsi’s new Salt Bar in every dish. Students each get a copy of Dirty Food by Carol Hilker to take home. — Dirty — Raspberry Habanero Pepper …

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Turkey Perfect Brining Kit Available at Poggi Bonsi

What is brining?

During the cooking process, meat can lose up to 30% of its water. Properly brined and cooked meat can reduce the water loss by as much as one half.

Brining solution works by unwinding meat proteins, opening them up to form a matrix that traps water. When herbs and spices are added to the brine, the flavors are also trapped in the meat. This technique is called Flavor Brining and greatly enhances the texture, flavor, and juiciness of meats.
How does 30 Minute Brining work in only 30 minutes?

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Orthodox Easter

Yes, traditional Easter was Sunday but many more Americans end their Lenten season this upcoming Sunday, celebrating with the Orthodox Christians. Eastertime is the most deeply religious time in the Greek Orthodox religion after the forty days of Lent when you may hear, “Kali Sarakosti”, wishing you a good lent. In Greece, the holiday is rich in pageantry with precessions down the medieval streets, special meals usually featuring lamb, and deep religious devotion and reflection expressed by the Greeks.