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Breakfast Recipes

Toad in the Hole

Legend has it that the name Toad-in-the-Hole originates from the town of Alnmouth in Northumberland, U.K., where the local golf course was overrun with Natterjack toads. The chef at the local hotel devised a dish to commemorate this, baking sausages in batter to appear like toads poking their heads out of golf holes. We’ve updated the recipe …

Breakfast Recipes

Cherry Clafoutis

Clafoutis is more difficult to pronounce than it is to make. It is an elegant breakfast offering, but also makes a good dessert or afternoon snack. The first time I ever tasted it was at a rustic bed and breakfast in southern France. The proprietor picked the cherries from a tree in the garden and …

Bread & Pastry Breakfast Recipes

Italian Cornetti

This Italian cousin of the French croissant is a little sweeter and has a slightly different texture. Cornetti can be made with butter or lard (yes lard!), but the combination of the two gives them a buttery flavor and fluffy texture. They can be filled with pastry cream, Nutella, or served with jam…apricot being the …