Jun 142020
Risotto with Beetroot and Pecatini

Recipe courtesy of La Terrazza del Chiostro, Pienza, Italy

Serves 6

500 gr. Rice (3 1/2 cups)
500 gr. Beet (3 1/2 cups
70 gr. (1/2 cup) Peconzola (Pecorino blue cheese from Pienza)*
100 ml. (1/3 cup) cream
1 shallot
100 gr.  (3/4 cup) Butter
salt and oil as required
1 glass white wine
100 gr. (1/3 cup) Parmigiano Reggiano
2 lt. (about 8 cups) vegetable stock


For beetroot sauce
Boil the beets in plenty of salted water for about 2 hours, cool, cut into cubes and blend (in a blender) with 100 ml (3/4 cup) of vegetable stock until pureed. Pass through a fine-mesh sieve and use the liquid as the sauce. Compost the beet pulp.

For pecatini sauce
Heat the peconzola* along with the cream in a bain-marie until thoroughly melted and creamy.

For the Risotto

  1. Toast the rice in the bottom of olive oil and shallot until it is bright, blend with white wine and once the wine has evaporated, gradually add the vegetable stock (always boiling) and, halfway through cooking, add the beetroot sauce. Bring to final cooking, always adding the vegetable stock gradually.
  2. Cook the rice to al dente and remove from the heat, let stand 1 minute. Stirring vigorously, add start to cream with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano.
  3. Serve and complete the dish with the peconzola* sauce always kept warm.

*Peconzola is a sheep’s milk blue cheese from Pienza. You can substitute Gorgonzola or Cambazola, adjusting the amount of cream to get the desired consistency for the sauce.


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