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Stringozzi Pasta with Red wine, Wild Pinenuts, and Olive Oil

Recipe courtesy of Ritrovo Italian Regional Foods
Serves 4


One half bag Stringozzi Pasta by La Romagna
1 cup leftover red wine
½ cup Fior di Maiella Pinenuts, toasted
¼ cup Poggi Bonsi Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Trampetti
Cinnamon to taste
Parmigiano reggiano to taste

  1. Directions:
    In a food processer or mortar and pestle, crush pinenuts with olive oil and cinnamon. Set aside.
  2. In a large sauté pan, heat wine and allow to begin to reduce in volume.
  3. Cook stringozzi until just under al dente, remove from pot and reserve pasta water.
  4. Place hot stringozzi in the sauté pan with the wine and mix together until the stringozzi take on a deep red color.
  5. When stringozzi are well infused with red wine, toss with the olive oil-pinenut-cinnamon mixture. Incorporate pasta water until a silky sauce forms.

Serve hot sprinkled with Parmigiano reggiano and more olive oil, and freshly ground pepper if desired.

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