Mar 052010


Cocktail Infusions by Tea Forte.
tea forte cocktail infusionsAny party will be a blockbuster if you serve exotic, easy-to-make cocktails infused with fresh tea, herbs and spices! Choose from Lavender Citrus, Lemon Grass Mint, or Silkroad Chai–if you can’t decide, try the mixology pack which includes all three. All Tea Forte infusions include recipe booklets.

Cocktail Rocks

On the Rocks?
Serve your favorite libations literally on the rocks! Whisky Stones from Teroforma chill your favorite tipple just a touch without diluting its perfectly balanced flavors. Made from natural, safe, non-pourous soap stone that does not dilute sprits. Freeze for 4 hours before adding to your cocktail. Great gift idea!



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