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Orthodox Easter

Yes, traditional Easter was Sunday but many more Americans end their Lenten season this upcoming Sunday, celebrating with the Orthodox Christians. Eastertime is the most deeply religious time in the Greek Orthodox religion after the forty days of Lent when you may hear, “Kali Sarakosti”, wishing you a good lent. In Greece, the holiday is rich in pageantry with precessions down the medieval streets, special meals usually featuring lamb, and deep religious devotion and reflection expressed by the Greeks.

My best friend is Greek and being raised in her Father’s religion, Catholic, and marrying a Lutheran, she and her family shares Easter with the rest of us. This weekend, however, she will be making the pilgrimage to her parents’ house in Seattle for Greek Easter to share this special time with her mother and her mothers Greek family.

“Family,” is a loose term used by the Greeks. It seems as though, if you’re Greek, you’re a relative. Easter will fill the house with people of all ages. In addition to the add-on family members, her mother’s four siblings will all gather , their children with their spouses, and of course, all of the grandchildren who have dressed up to be fed by their respective Ya Ya’s. Kisses are for everyone as the smells of the kitchen fill the air.

Tsoureki, is a traditional Greek Easter bread. Hard boiled eggs are dyed red to symbolize Jesus’ blood. These are woven into the dough. This bread has been thought to date back to ancient times. This bread is served with lamb and other traditional Greek foods.

The Plumis family women helped pen a cookbook, Greek Cooking in an American Kitchen. These recipes were gathered from many of the families at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church in Seattle. It highlights the simplicity of the Greek cuisine. We, at Poggi Bonsi, can most definitely provide anyone with a signed copy of this Euro-American treasure. Just call us or at 206.859.6401 or e-mail us.