Italian Olive Wood Spatula

Italian Olive Wood Spatula

Code: WD-SP-1



Product Description

This beautiful Italian olive wood spatula is very durable and functional. You can use this olive wood spatula for everyday cooking, it's easily cleaned and looks beautiful in a stove-top utensil jar. The squared-off bottom is designed for scraping the bottom of the sauce pot. This will not harm non-stick cookware. All of our Italian olive wood products are hand crafted so shapes and sizes may vary slightly.

Size: 12" long

We import our Olive Wood Collection from Umbria, Italy. The striking contrast in the grain of wood from the olive tree is uniquely beautiful. Extremely durable--olive wood makes it an ideal medium for kitchen utensils, cheese boards and bowls. Simply wash with soap and water, oil occasionally with extra-virgin olive oil (E.V.O.O.) or mineral oil and it will last for years. Read our blog story and experience the adventure of our 2-year search for Italian Olive Wood.