Italian Pottery Tuscan Village Utensil Jar - 6" in White

Italian Pottery Tuscan Village Utensil Jar - 6" in White

Code: SIAL-Utensil-1-W



Product Description

This unique Italian Pottery utensil jar features a brightly-painted Tuscan village scene with a crisp white background. The design is painted with droppers of glaze so that the shapes appear to be outlined in terra cotta. The cheerful pieces in this collection are painted by Loretta Ferretti and her family at Sial Ceramica in the tiny village of Toritta di Siena in Tuscany.

Fill it with your favorite utensils and set it proudly on your counter or stove top. It also doubles and a pretty vase filled flowers and herbs.

Size: 4"" diameter, 6" tall.

Instructions for use: Soak pottery in a sink full of water over night before first use. After this, they will be dishwasher safe...although we strongly recommend hand washing as you would with an fine china.

This piece of Italian ceramic is created for us by a small family-run studio in Tuscany. It makes an heirloom wedding gift and will look lovely on any kitchen counter top or hutch. Because each piece of Poggi Bonsi Italian Ceramic Majolica is made one-at-a-time by hand, there may be slight variations in color and size, or differences in interpretation within the pattern. Italian ceramics are hand painted so freehand art and evidence of the artist's handling of the piece are expected. These are not imperfections, but rather part of the artisan charm of hand-crafted Italian Ceramics.