GarLic it!® Caramelized Dijon Garlic Finish

GarLic it!® Caramelized Dijon Garlic Finish

Code: KFD-5576



Product Description

An all natural purple fusion of sweet caramelized garlic Dijon Caramelized Garlic - Private Reserve is our triple blanched garlic that is caramelized by hand and mixed with a tangy hit of spicy dijon and spices. 6 ounce shelf stable jars.. GarLic it! Garlic Finishes are perfectly prepared garlic ingredients, ready to eat straight out of the jar on anything: grilled salmon, penne pasta, Caesar salad, butterflied shrimp, baked potato, or even just on a spoon.

The triple-blanching and caramelizing process removes the "burn" for a mellow garlic. Spices and oil are added for a complete flavor.

Ingredients: Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Garlic, Sea Salt, Herbs, Spices & Fish sauce, Citric Acid, Wine Reduction, Anchovy.